Running Analysis



Running form is a common topic among experienced runners, especially as it pertains to chronic injuries that runners often experience.  Forefoot, midfoot, heelstriking, pronation, etc. are all terms we have heard before, but what does it all mean?  And, more importantly, how do they pertain to you?  While there is a plethora of information about good running form available online, it can be confusing and time consuming to sort through it all.  Lucky for you, my background and expertise in this area are ready to help you sort through all of that information.

While popping Ibuprofen and icing the sore area helps in the short term, not fixing the cause of the injury in the first place will only keep the injury coming back.  It’s also important to note that just changing one aspect of your form does not work in isolation- you affect the whole kinetic chain.  Therefore it is important to identify any potential weaknesses prior to implementing a change in running form in order to prevent other injuries from occurring.  If you are someone who is tired of that same old chronic injury, having a running analysis performed may be just the key to finally finding a long-term solution. With a thorough analysis of your running form and a hands-on physical assessment, I can help identify structural imbalances and form deficits that are contributing to your problems. Your private one-on-one session with me will include:

  • time spent filming you running on a treadmill to view your full form from 3 different angles
  • a physical assessment of your strength and flexibility
  • discussion of your current fitness level, experience, and most importantly, your goals

Following our session, I will sit down and review all the data collected.  I will then put together a report for you detailing your specific form flaws and muscle imbalances discovered in the physical assessment.  Your report will also include a detailed, step-by-step guide on specific exercises, stretches, and drills to help correct your flaws and get you back to running pain-free!

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